Thank you for your interest in joining Altafonte, we are the leading independent Distributor and Label Services in Iberia and Latam. Wanna know more about us?:

  • Free Title-Related Specific Courses

  • Free Vegetarian Organic Meal (HQ)

  • Promotion Opportunities

  • Free Tickets for Music Shows

  • Young and Vibrant Staff

  • Montse de las Heras

    Operations Director

    “ Never a dull or boring moment. You’ll be at the forefront of the industry, up to date with the latest developments and in a very creative, action packed environment. And no chance of your brain getting stale; no matter how “been there, done that” you ”

  • Camilo Vega

    Country Manager Peru

    “ Joining Altafonte Network let me learn a lot and develop skills in many music industry worldwide areas! ”